Jazz (Ages 7+)

Class Description

Ages 7+

Jazz dance focuses on flexibility, strength and technique. Dancers will gain coordination, rhythm and grace through this up-to-date style of dance. A strong technical base combined with creativity, style and body awareness makes this a fun, fast paced and energetic class.

This class will begin with a warm-up that consists of cardio and stretching. Dancers then move to the barre to learn proper positioning and gain technique. Dancers will then learn jazz steps that travel from one side of the room to the other or learn steps that are done center floor. These steps are then incorporated in to routines and dance combos.

Diversity follows the ADAPT Jazz syllabus.

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Jazz Dress Code


-Bodysuit and tights (any style/color) OR a fitted dance outfit (e.g. dance shorts or leggings and fitted dance top)


Beige leather split sole slip on jazz shoes (no laces)

-Dancers who own black jazz shoes are welcome to wear them until they no longer fit and then purchase beige


-Hair must be tied back securely in a classical or sock bun


-For dancer’s safety, NO gum and NO jewelry is allowed.

-T-shirts, regular tank tops, everyday clothing or anything not fitted to the body is not suitable dancewear