8 Week Sessions (Age 3-6)

Class Description

Do you have a little one who loves to move, sing and have fun? Our 8-week session class is for you! We will be offering this program throughout our dance season. Dancers will learn basic dance steps, free movement, sing to their favourite tunes and make new friends!

Join us to learn an array of dance styles including jazz, ballet, acro and hip hop! This is a great way to try dance out before joining in our full season program.

This is a low commitment option, as we do not require you to purchase proper dance shoes or attire to attend this class. Dancers are welcome to wear indoor shoes, grippy socks or bare feet, and easy to move in clothing like leggings and t-shirts.

*this class does not participate in year-end recital

*there is no registration fee for our session classes

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* age taken as of Nov 1, 2022

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* age taken as of Nov 1, 2022