8 Week Sessions (Age 3-6)

Class Description

Looking for a fun and low-commitment way to introduce your little one to dance? Look no further than our 8-week session class! Perfect for children who love to move, sing, and have fun, this program is offered throughout our dance season and provides a great opportunity for young dancers to learn basic dance steps, free movement, and sing to their favorite tunes while making new friends.

In this class, dancers will explore a range of dance styles including jazz, ballet, acro, and hip hop, giving them a taste of what our full season program has to offer. And the best part? There's no need to invest in proper dance shoes or attire just yet - dancers are welcome to wear indoor shoes, grippy socks, or bare feet, and easy-to-move-in clothing like leggings and t-shirts.

At Diversity Dance, we believe that dance should be a fun and positive experience for all children. That's why our 8-week session class is designed to be low-commitment and accessible to all, providing a nurturing and supportive environment where young dancers can explore their creativity and develop their skills at their own pace. So come join us for a season of fun, music, and dance - your child is sure to love it!

*this class does not participate in year-end recital

*there is no registration fee for our session classes

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