Kinder Fusion (Age 5)

Class Description

Age 5 – (age taken as of November 1st)

This is a combination class of Ballet and Acro built into a 45-minute dance class. It introduces ballet through set combos and imagination based exercises to learn arm and feet positions and basic ballet steps. Dancers will also learn basic acro skills like cartwheels, rolls, balances and more! With a mix of classical ballet music and fun pop tunes, Kinder Fusion is sure to inspire all!

What to expect in our Kinder Fusion classes:

Dancers will start the class with a warm up and learn basic ballet steps and exercises. Students learn proper arm and feet positions, set combos and fluidity of movement. The creative atmosphere formed in our ballet portion of class keeps dancers engaged and having fun!

Dancers will spend the next portion of class learning acro. Dancers will learn and practice different skills on the acro mats such as cartwheels, rolls, bridges and splits, eventually incorporating these skills into dance routines. Diversity provides dancers with gymnastic grade mats for safety.

Kinder Fusion class ends with a stamp for good listening and a job well done!

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