PD Dance Days

Join us for your day off school! Registration now open!

Arrow Icon October 6, 2023

Arrow Icon October 20, 2023

Arrow Icon November 1, 2023

Arrow Icon November 10, 2023

Arrow Icon November 13, 2023

Arrow Icon November 14, 2023

Arrow Icon November 24, 2023

Arrow Icon December 8, 2023

Arrow Icon 2024 Days to be announced soon!

PD Dance Days!

No school? No worries! Your child can spend their next professional day off doing what they love the most, DANCING! Don’t be bored at home, join us for an exciting day off!

Parents can drop off their child ages 5-11 at 8:30am for a full day of dance, crafts, activities and games! Pick up by 4:00pm and learn about the cool new moves your child has learnt and the friends they have made!

$75 for the entire day! Our PD Dance Day includes dance classes, arts and crafts, games, outdoor time (weather permitting), and more! Dancers are to bring lunch, two snacks and a water bottle.

Contact the Diversity Office for more details or to join us!

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