Mr Fritz

Miss Fritz Gehrard Viray


Mr Fritz first became passionate about dance at the age of 15 through the Hip-Hop dance style, Breaking. He initially took Breaking classes at the age of 11 in Burnaby, BC but it wasn’t until a few years later, in Calgary, that he committed to progressing within the craft.

He spent a year training at Premiere Dance Academy as a beginner and then moved on to train at weekly YMCA Youth Night Breaking sessions for several years. With the help of Scribblenauts M crew and Calgary‘s Breaking community, Mr Fritz elevated his Breaking skill to a proficient level. Mr Fritz’s 7 years of active Breaking experience consisted of performances, tournaments, battles, and team building.

FGV - Dance Pose 3

3rd Season

Mr Fritz‘ dance style had a roughness to it in that he always approached his movements with a very heavy, rugged feeling. This was often difficult for him to express in a funky, upbeat setting, which almost always came with Breaking. While other street dance styles appealed to him in different ways, he always felt that Krump was the style he could best express himself with. With appreciation for the powerful rawness of Krump, Mr Fritz would often do research in attempts to learn the style but would ultimately be discouraged due to the lack of authentic resources at the time. In 2014, Calgary’s own street dance legend, Oliver “Reignmaker” Reyes, traveled to Los Angeles to learn Krump directly from its source, prompting Mr Fritz to immediately seek mentorship under him.

Today, Mr Fritz is a Krump artist and an educator in the Krump movement. Now also under the mentorship of Canadian Krump pioneer, Vlad “7Starr” Laurore, he works to elevate the skill level and understanding of Krump dance in Calgary. Through open “labs” and “sessions”, he helps create a lane for those that want to express themselves through this art form.

Mr Fritz is excited to share his knowledge and passion for dance with his new students!