Tap (Ages 7+)

Class Description

Tap dance is an exciting and rhythmic style of dance that emphasizes coordination, rhythm, and style. Students will learn to count to the music, follow the beat, and use their feet as a musical instrument. In this class, students will develop a strong foundation of tap technique while exploring their creativity through movement.

The class typically begins with warm-up exercises to prepare the body for dancing, followed by work at the barre or center floor. Dancers will learn basic tap steps while dancing together and creating rhythms as a group. They will often practice moving from one side of the room to the other or in a circle, developing a variety of sounds and rhythms by combining different steps.

The Diversity tap class follows the ADAPT Tap syllabus, which provides a structured approach to learning tap dance. With a focus on technique and musicality, students will leave this class with a greater understanding of tap dance and the ability to express themselves through this dynamic and rhythmic art form.


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