Student Teachers

Diversity’s Student Teacher program consists of kind, responsible, and wonderful role models for our younger students.

Diversity's Student Teachers program consists of senior-level students who have shown an interest in advancing their dance education by mentoring our younger students.

Our Student Teachers are kindhearted, enthusiastic, and responsible senior dancers who play an important role in every child's dance journey. To qualify for this program, each Student Teacher must attend a minimum of 3 classes per week, be at least 12 years old, demonstrate a positive work ethic in their own dance classes, and set an excellent example for their peers.

Every Student Teacher volunteers their time to assist at least once per week in a younger dance class. This program helps our senior students gain invaluable work experience, classroom knowledge, and insights into the world of dance instruction!

Our goal is to inspire a love for teaching in our students who aspire to pursue dance careers in the future.


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