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At Diversity, we are committed to nurturing confident, kind, and empowered children and teenagers by fostering an environment that embraces and celebrates individuality. Our primary objective is to deliver a high-quality dance education while instilling a passion for dance in all our students.

Thank you for your interest in Diversity as we gear up for our 16th season filled with excitement, dedication, and hard work! Our areas of specialization include Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Breakdance for Boys, Tiny Tots, and more! Our program is designed to cater to individuals of all ages, starting from 1.5 years to adult.

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A Note From The Director

Miss Christina Bezuidenhout

Since I was 5 and took my first dance class, all I’ve wanted to be was a dance teacher.

When I opened Diversity Dance in 2008, I had 36 students, was the only teacher, and ran classes out of a local community centre. I had 3 other jobs that year to help fund the studio. In 2009, I opened in a 2200 square foot location with two dance studios and hired 2 other teachers. We had approximately 200 students that year and I was overjoyed! In 2011 I took a big risk and expanded my studio space to 5500 square feet and was able to grow our dance family even further. We then added our 4th studio space the “metallic studio” in 2016, providing our new and current students with more opportunities and exciting class additions.

Five years ago I did something I said I would never do, and opened a second location! Although I was so nervous, I am so happy I took the risk and was able to open the doors of our state-of-the-art 4500 square foot north location in Beacon Heights. I am ecstatic to build another dance family and provide even more children the opportunities that we at Diversity Dance can provide.

The rapid growth of Diversity Dance is a testament to our success in creating a passion for dance in these young people. It’s my goal to give every student the opportunity to experience a love of dance and learning.

I believe that Diversity is not just a dance studio, it is a place where many kids grow up. I have an open-door policy with all of my students and a studio is a place many of them come to do homework, hang out with dance friends, or a safe place if they are in need of one. Our lobby is always full of kids! My staff and I are not just teachers – we are role models, mentors, and sometimes shoulders to cry on. We are always our student’s biggest cheerleaders and advocates.

I know that my studio has made an impact on many. I hope this influence stays with them throughout adulthood and helps to shape their futures. I truly do what I do because of the lives we touch and the students I get to see grow up. I feel a great responsibility to be a positive role model for each of them. I provide a safe and positive environment for all my students where they are loved and appreciated for who they are. I believe this impacts them for the rest of their lives regardless of whether they follow a career in dance or follow another path.

It has been a busy 16 years, and I’ve loved every minute! I look forward to what the future holds for Diversity Dance and our past, present, and future students.

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