Hip Hop (Ages 7+)

Class Description

Ages 7+

We offer hip hop classes for girls and boys, with unisex and “boys only” classes!

Diversity’s Hip Hop program uses today’s most popular music and dance moves! Our teachers’ unique dance backgrounds allow us to standout in Calgary’s hip hop community with exciting classes and award winning choreography.

Hip Hop class begins with a high energy warm-up. Dancers learn different dancing types including original hip hop styles like breaking, and party dancing; funk styles like popping, and locking; as well as other street dancing styles like krump, house, wacking, etc. Not only are these styles being taught to be utilzed in dancer’s freestyle as a form of expression, they are being incorporated through the practice of fun choreography and routines that dancers are encouraged to remember and practice at home.

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We are currently accepting registration for our 8-Week Spring Combo Class for ages 6-8! This 45-minute, un-parented Combo Session incorporates acro, ballet, jazz, hip hop and more.

$110.00 (+gst) – No registration fee, no dance attire required and no recital fees!

8-Week Combo Times:


Ages 6-8 – Thursdays 5:15-6:00pm – April 30-June 18th

Ages 6-8 – Saturdays 11:00-11:45am – April 25-June 20th


Ages 6-8 – Wednesdays 6-6:45pm – April 29-June 17th

*class registration for ages 9+ will begin May 1st 2020!