Contemporary (Ages 10+)

Class Description

In Contemporary class, students will focus on originality, creativity, and artistry as they blend modern dance technique with contemporary styled movement. Our updated syllabus includes set exercises, across the floor work, and combos that challenge dancers to incorporate control, balance, and flexibility into their movement.

What sets Contemporary apart from other dance styles is its emphasis on the dancer's interpretation of music and emotion. Through movement, students will explore their own unique artistic voice and learn how to convey their feelings and ideas to an audience.

At Diversity, we believe that Contemporary is a powerful form of self-expression that encourages personal growth and creativity. Whether students aspire to become professional dancers or simply want to explore a new style of dance, our Contemporary program offers a supportive and inspiring environment where students can grow and thrive. Join us and discover the joy of movement and expression!

Please note: To participate in Contemporary, students must also be enrolled in either a Ballet or Jazz class. This is because Contemporary builds on the foundation of Ballet and Jazz technique, allowing students to fully explore the creative possibilities of this interpretive style of dance.


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