Primary Combo (Age 6)

Class Description

Our Primary Combo program is a unique combination program that allows you to register your child for a style combination that suits their individual interests. Each 45-minute dance class incorporates two different dance styles, which may include tap, jazz, ballet, or acro.

In every class, our experienced instructors guide students through a range of set exercises, centre floor work, and free movement to teach dance steps, terminology, and proper arm and feet positions. With an emphasis on building a strong dance foundation, our classes provide a well-rounded introduction to various dance styles, allowing your child to explore and develop their unique talents and interests.

At Diversity Dance, we believe that dance is more than just learning steps; it's about developing confidence, discipline, and self-expression.

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What to expect in our Primary Combo classes:

Acro – Dancers will learn and practice different skills on the acro mats such as cartwheels, rolls, bridges and splits. It combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elements. Diversity follows the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus. Diversity provides dancers with gymnastic grade mats and equipment for safety.

Ballet – Diversity’s ballet program is focused on improving grace, poise, technique and strength. Our ballet classes are composed of barre work, across the floor, free movement and centre exercises. Diversity follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus.

Jazz – Jazz dance focuses on flexibility, strength and technique. A strong technical base combined with creativity, style and body awareness makes this a fun, fast paced and energetic style. Diversity follows the ADAPT Jazz syllabus.

Tap – Tap dance is based on developing coordination, rhythm and style. Students will learn to count to the music, follow the beat and use their feet as a musical instrument. Dancers work on basic tap steps while dancing together and creating rhythms as a group. Diversity follows the ADAPT Tap syllabus.

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