Mini Hip Hop (Age 5 & 6)

Class Description

Are you looking for a fun and engaging dance class for your little mover and groover? Look no further than Diversity's Hip Hop program, designed specifically for dancers aged 5 and 6 years old!

Our Hip Hop class kicks off with a high-energy warm-up, designed to get your child's body and mind ready for the fun ahead. Our experienced instructors then guide the dancers through learning basic hip-hop steps, using exciting choreography and routines to make learning feel like play.

Not only will your child learn to groove to the beat of the music, they'll also develop crucial physical and social skills such as coordination, rhythm, and teamwork, all in a nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment.

At Diversity, we believe that dance should be fun and accessible to everyone, and our Hip Hop program is the perfect way for your child to explore their passion for dance while developing new skills and making new friends.

So if your little one loves to move and groove, come join us for a fun and funky class that's sure to get them excited about dance!

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