Mr Colby

Mr Colby McLean


Mr Colby started dancing with Diversity in 2016 in his first hip-hop class, very quickly he discovered a passion for movement. Mr Colby has trained in various different street styles such as hip-hop, breaking, popping, house, and Krump. Mr Colby tries to honor the history of these styles while also trying to innovate and push himself and those around him to become better dancers.

Mr Colby is now primarily training Krump while also mixing other styles such as house into his Krumping. Krump has been his main focus since he started training with the Calgary-based Krump crew “Empirical Freedom” in 2018. Through this training, he has learned a lot from Canadian Krump pioneers as well as from the experiences of battling and performing.


2nd Season

Mr Colby has found a love for passing on his knowledge and ideas to others in the dance community. He has been fortunate enough to be able to teach classes, hold fundraisers, and perform, in hopes of inspiring people to express themselves freely. Mr Colby was able to find his own independent voice through the art of dance and hopes to give others the opportunity to do the same.