Miss Monique

Miss Monique Moe


Dance has always been part of Miss Monique’s life. She grew up in Calgary where she trained in ballet, tap, and jazz. Miss Monique has a diploma in Early Childhood Education from Mount Royal University and a Bachelor of Arts Psychology degree from the University of Calgary.

She has extensive experience with young children providing them with supportive environments for learning. Miss Monique has been teaching dance since 2005 specializing in preschool and tap. She has choreographed award-winning dance routines in various competitions. She has also been a participant in multiple dance conventions in Calgary as well as Toronto, Disneyland, Boston, Minneapolis, and New York.

MM - Dance Pose 11

11th Season

She is very passionate about all things dance and loves learning, teaching, or just watching dance. Her biggest thrill is seeing students who love dancing as much as she does; truly happy feet!