Miss Rebecca

Miss Rebecca Bercha


Miss Rebecca started dancing at the age of four, entering her very first ballet class. Initially, she absolutely hated it and tested many other activities before eventually trying a jazz and hip-hop class. These two genres enthralled her in the world of dance and prompted her to enroll at Diversity Dance and Performing Arts at the age of twelve. She continued with jazz and hip-hop but could not resist adding more dance styles as she got older. This included ballet (which she grew to love), contemporary, tap, acro, pointe, musical theatre, enrichment and lyrical. Through her dedication and drive, she worked her way up to the advanced levels in all these styles, enjoying every tendu, plié and jeté along the way.

RB - Dance Pose 1

5th Season

Now, being a graduated Diversity student, Miss Rebecca has a lot to show for her seven years of both recreational and competitive classes at the studio. Not only has she received numerous awards, scholarships and mentions from competition, but she also had the privilege of travelling to Disneyland in 2012 and New York in 2019 to dance with Diversity’s competitive team. Throughout the years, her love of dance only grew, which inspired her to get her Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification which she received in June of 2019. With this certification, Miss Rebecca has gained extensive knowledge in physical literacy which only increases as she continues into her third year of her Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. To maintain a fun and safe environment in all her classes, Miss Rebecca has also started her certification process with Acrobatic Arts, completing her first module in August of 2019 and her second module in August of 2021. She hopes to pass on her knowledge and maintain an encouraging and safe environment for all students that she has the pleasure of teaching.

Over the years, Miss Rebecca has taught students ranging from age 2-16 and has enjoyed every minute of it. She loves to watch her students grow and progress and she is ecstatic to be teaching for her 5th season at Diversity Dance and Performing Arts. Miss Rebecca is so excited for this coming year and cannot wait to share her love of dance with all her wonderful students, new and old!