Miss Rory Wickhorst

Miss Rory Wickhorst


Miss Rory began dancing at the age of four, and discovered a love for dance. It was her true calling! She soon advanced as she got older, training and competing in styles such as jazz, ballet, pointe, contemporary, acro, lyrical and open. Miss Rory has been with Diversity for ten years, and had much success in the competitive dance stream, receiving awards and scholarships for her performances, as well as having the opportunity to dance in Disneyland in 2016. She also trained for and participated in RAD ballet and ADAPT jazz exams, which benefited her technique and confidence in dance.

Starting at the same age of four, Miss Rory began studying and training in piano for The Royal Conservatory of Music. She has done many auditions and exams, and recently took her Level 9 exam in June 2023, and plans to continue into the last level. She began teaching piano in 2021, and teaches many students ranging in age from 4-15. She loves being able to be apart of a student's growth from the very beginning! Miss Rory has a deep connection with music, which she believes contributes to her great love of dance.

Through the years of team spirit and friendships, Miss Rory has fallen and love with the expression of dance. She has always strived for improvement, whether that be big or small. She hopes to pass on this passion for movement, hard work and dedication to all of her students. Now graduated, Miss Rory is very excited to be able to share her love and passion for dance with others, as well as seeing dancers improve and enjoy dance as much as she does!


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