Mr Moo

Mr Yimu "Moo" Wang


Mr Yimu “Moo” Wang is a Bachelor of Arts Alumni of the University Of Calgary Department Of Dance. He is a humble pupil of the movement arts, and he has studied in many disciplines throughout his dance career. Whether it is contemporary, jazz, or street dance styles such as popping, and locking, Mr. Moo appreciates and pays sincere respect to the practices in each movement style. He thrives to utilize the elements from his diverse training, to enrich his students in their hip hop training.

Mr Moo has received mentorship from many pioneers of Hip Hop, such as Poppin Pete, Suga Pop, Mr. Wiggles, and Sweepy, of the legendary popping crew, Electric Boogaloos. He also gained countless valuable experiences through many hip-hop battles that he participated in. Mr Moo currently trains in Krump as a member of the dance crew, Empirical Freedom.

MW - Dance Shot 1

9th Season

In recent years, Mr Moo’s choreography has won many awards and overall high marks for Team Diversity. Aside from his choreographic works within the studio, he also directed Proelio –A piece utilizing the dynamics of movement to expose the nature of conflict and confrontation– hosted by MPact Movement.

Outside of his dance training, Mr Moo focuses his time and effort on pursuing pedagogical research and developments. It is his passion to mentor young dancers at our studio, where he seeks to pass his knowledge and love for dance to the younger generations. Mr Moo’s philosophy is to inculcate the significance of physical fitness within dance, to amplify one’s movement potential, thus achieving an elevated platform for artistic growth.

Being able to share his love of dance with the students at Diversity makes Mr Moo extremely delighted, he looks forward to an amazing 9th season at Diversity Dance!