Diversity has fun and exciting events during the course of the dance season!

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Year-End Recital

Diversity holds year-end recitals to showcase what our dancers have learned over the course of the dance season. Recital is a positive experience for all involved and gives students the opportunity to show off their progress throughout the year. Our South year-end recitals are held at the Jack Singer Concert Hall in the Arts Commons building, and our North recitals are held at RockPointe Church.


We make it of utmost importance that our recitals are an exciting and positive experience for students of every age! This is why we have separate shows to accommodate our studio. We split our shows by age group

Our “Tiny Stars” Show which consists of all Tiny Tot & Kinder level classes, and our “Rising Stars” Show which consists of all Primary level and Junior level classes, are approximately 1 hour in length. Backstage, students have a fun experience with parent volunteers and Diversity Student Teachers. They get to color, read books, play games and more as they wait to go onstage!

Our “Shining Stars” Show consists of our intermediate dancers, and our “Super Stars” Show consists of all our senior and advanced students. These shows are approximately 2.5 hours in length and include an intermission.

Dancers get a turn onstage with their class, and all performers are a part of the finale dance at the end of the show!

Although recital is optional, we encourage everyone to participate in this great learning experience. Students who participate in recital are required to purchase a costume, and audience members must purchase a ticket to attend. DVDs, class photos and additional products are optional for involved families. If you have any questions regarding our year-end recitals please do not hesitate to contact us.

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