Class Description

Our pre-school program is a fun introduction to basic dance steps. Tiny tots class incorporates tap, ballet and acro. This 45-minute class is designed to encourage imagination and improve coordination. Above learning just dance steps, students gain confidence, independence and self-awareness.

What to expect in our Tiny Tots classes:

All Tiny Tot dancers begin in tap shoes and carry their ballet shoes in to the classroom in a recognizable bag.

The students will begin class with 15-minutes of tap dance. Tap helps develop dancer’s rhythm and coordination, while having a great time making lots of fun sounds with their feet!

Next, dancers will change into their ballet slippers with help from the teacher. This portion of class will consist of 15-minutes of ballet. This will include ballet steps, stretching, dance based games and songs. We use imagination based exercises and lots of fun props like scarves, magic wands, hoola hoops and more!

The class ends with 15-minutes of acro and tumbling exercises across floor mats. This includes steps like bunny hops, pencil rolls, caterpillar crawls and other fun acro steps. This portion of class improves strength, coordination and motor skills.

Tiny Tots class ends with a stamp for good listening and a job well done!

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