Kinder Kids (Age 5)

Class Description

Kinder Kids is a combination program unique to Diversity Dance! Register for a class that suits your little dancer best! Each 45-minute dance class incorporates two styles of dance – which can include tap, jazz, ballet, or acro.

Each class introduces the basics of each discipline a little at a time through set exercises and imagination-based games to learn arm and feet positions and basic dance steps.

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Our Kinder Kids program is designed to improve coordination, encourage imagination, and develop physical and social skills in a developmentally appropriate environment. Above learning just dance steps, students will gain confidence, independence and self-awareness. This high-energy and exciting combination program is sure to ignite a love of dance!

What to expect in our Kinder Kid combo classes:

Acro – Dancers will learn and practice different skills on the acro mats such as cartwheels, rolls, bridges and splits, eventually incorporating these skills into dance routines. Diversity provides dancers with gymnastic grade mats for safety.

Ballet – Dancers will learn proper arm and feet positions, set combos and fluidity of movement. The creative atmosphere formed in our ballet portion of class keeps dancers engaged and having fun!

Jazz – This style dance class is fun, high-energy, with lots of quick movement and traveling steps. Jazz dance incorporates flexibility, strength and coordination.

Tap – students learn different tap steps while dancing together and creating rhythms as a group. Students will learn to count to the music, follow the beat and use their feet as a musical instrument.

Kinder Kids class ends with a stamp for good listening and a job well done!

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*Dancer's age taken as of November 1st, 2022

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*Dancer's age taken as of November 1st, 2022