Adult BollyFit

Adult BollyFit Class Description Get ready to sweat and dance with Diversity’s Adult BollyFit class! This high-energy class combines the excitement and energy of Bollywood music and dance with the …

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Adult Bollywood

Adult Bollywood Class Description Get ready to spice up your fitness routine with Diversity’s most popular adult dance class: Adult Bollywood! This exciting and upbeat class is the perfect way …

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Adult Tap

Adult Tap Class Description Are you looking for an exciting and different way to switch up your exercise routine? Look no further than Diversity’s adult tap program! This class is …

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Tap (Ages 7+)

Tap (Ages 7+) Class Description Tap dance is an exciting and rhythmic style of dance that emphasizes coordination, rhythm, and style. Students will learn to count to the music, follow …

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Jazz (Ages 7+)

Jazz (Ages 7+) Class Description Jazz dance is a dynamic and popular style of dance that emphasizes flexibility, strength, and technique. This style of dance helps dancers improve their coordination, …

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